Frequently asked questions

Pricing, Deals, & More

Can I reorder more cards?

Yes. You can order more cards at any quantity.

Can unsold cards be returned?

Unfortunately, no. Collecting deals and building a valuable card in your area is costly and time consuming. Both the deals and app codes were created for your group specifically so we cannot accept returns.

What kinds of deals will be on the app?

At least 20 local deals will be featured on your cards in addition to all deals in all Glass Card cities. These local deals will be primarily restaurants and activities. On average our discounts save 25% - 50%. All of our discounts on our deal network are privately negotiated directly between the merchants and Glass Card. We do not include any low quality online deals scavenged from the internet offering "cash back" rewards or minimal online savings.

Do the cards expire?

Glass Cards expire 1 year from the day a person activates their account.

How does selling online work?

In addition to sending you physical cards to sell we will create a custom URL for your group. This URL can be sent via text message, email, social media, etc. Here your donors can see the local deals near them and purchase their Glass Card to support your fundraiser. You can even track who on your team made what online sale through this link. This purchase will give donors an unlock code and instructions how to download the app and unlock their account.

How does making residual income work?

You will sell your fundraiser cards your first year doing a Glass Card fundraiser. These first cards will expire after one year. When they expire your donors will receive app notifications and an email prompting them to renew their card for another year to further support your group. Glass Card will use these tools to re-sell itself earning your group automatic income in future years.