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(updated 10/7/2022)

Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian has caused widespread server issues affecting Glass Card and many other websites, apps, and services. We are migrating to a new server and full functionality will be restored as soon as possible.

As you can imagine, Glass Card is not the only business experiencing disruptions from the historic hurricane. Our web service provider is working around the clock to restore service to all those affected.

We have been informed that service should be restored in less than a week. We will provide updates here as we get them from our web host.


Digital Cards

Unfortunately, the Glass Card app will be offline until the move to the new server is complete. In the meantime, you will not be able to use the app to redeem deals, monitor uses, or track savings. 

Plastic Cards

The good news is you can still redeem deals the traditional way! Present your plastic fundraiser card to the business to redeem deals.

Note: Most deals have unlimited uses and these deals should be unaffected by the app outage. However, other business sponsors graciously agreed to donate a discount with a set usage limit. In the meantime, while the app is unable to track those uses please be understanding when working with business employees and management.

Thank you for supporting your local fundraiser and your community! 


Glass Card Team

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