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Residual Income

Discount cards are the best tried and true fundraiser to consistently raise money. You don't see sports teams selling popcorn year after year, but you do see your local varsity football team sell discount cards 10 years in a row. It's because it works.

Let modern technology work for you to improve upon your fundraising efforts every year.

Look forward to...

More Deals

We can add more local deals every year! Is 100 too many?

More Profit

Your cards will cost even less next year.

Automatic Sales

The app can notify your previous donors prompting them to buy again with the click of a button.

Send me a reminder email

Don't worry this is NOT an email subscription nor an obligation to do anything next year. This will keep you on our radar to make sure we are ready for your fundraiser next year. Next year we will reach out to see if you are interested. Otherwise, we won't try to send app renewal notifications to your donors without you.

We look forward to next year!

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