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(posted 04/09/2024)

Recently, we had to make a change to this discount on your card.



Get 50% off your entire purchase! | Valid once per day for the duration of the card.


Get 50% off your entire purchase! | Valid once per card holder


The original discount agreement was authorized by the Wingstop general manager Jason on February 26, 2024.  Upper management has informed us that Jason no longer works there and that he should not have authorized a discount for "unlimited" uses.


Wingstop management has expressed to us a lot of good will and their desire to continue to be a sponsor on this fundraiser card now and potentially for years into the future. We are grateful for their local love and support for the Carlsbad community.

Thank you for your understanding with this situation and thank you for supporting the Carlsbad National Little League by purchasing this card! As a sign of our appreciation, we will work to get a new additional discount to make up for the need to change this one. Keep an eye out on the app in the coming days or week as we work to finalize this new discount.


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For additional information about how we authorize discounts for our fundraiser cards click here. You can also email us at

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