Discount Card Fundraisers

The easiest yet.


A discount card is a physical or digital card with discounts to local food and activities.

How it works:

1. Glass Card does the work to get 20+ high quality local discounts.

2. We print and mail you cards that you and your group can sell for $10 - $25. We will also create a custom URL for you to sell online.

(Examples: you can sell cards as admission to events, door to door, or send your link through email, social media, text messages, etc.)

3. There are no upfront costs or fees. At the end, all of the sales are split between you and Glass Card with our Highest Profit Margin Guarantee.


Your fundraiser cards come with their own app.


Browse Local Deals.

Click 'Use Now' and show your phone.

Track Your Savings.


More deals can fit on digital cards which gives your donors more value.

Paper cards and coupon books are outdated. Glass Card is always with you, so you never have to miss out on a deal. 


Any group can start a fundraiser with no money down.

All sales are split between the fundraiser and Glass Card. Ask about our Highest Profit Margin Guarantee.


All fundraisers come with both physical cards and a custom URL for your group. 

You can sell in person or send the link to family members and friends to sell through social media, email, or text. See Example.


Glass Card will resell itself and you will make money year after year. 


After the first year's card expires, donors will receive a notification and an email to renew their card. 


They can support your group again with just the click of a button.

A traditional fundraiser with modern perks.


The process...

1) Connect with us

Before you get started send us a quick message so we can connect you with a fundraiser representative. Click Here.

We will be able to answer any questions or concerns you have and your representative will help you from start to finish.

2) Start selling

Split up the cards with your group members and start selling!


There are lots of ways you can have a successful fundraiser:

  • Sell to your friends, family, and neighbors.

  • Hold an event and sell cards as admission (tournaments, home games, etc.)

  • Sell online by sharing your custom fundraiser URL through emails, texts, or social media. See example.

3) Collect cash

We collect the payments from all online sales and you collect all physical card sales. After the fundraiser deadline we split all card sales.


You just successfully completed your first fundraiser with no fees or up-front costs.

Questions? See our FAQs or contact us to

learn more.