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Sales Pitches & Ideas

Consider downloading this cheat sheet and sales form to share with your group.

Door Pitch

Hi! I am selling discount cards for [GROUP NAME]. We are raising money for [REASON]. These cards come with discounts around town and 1000s of discounts around the country. Do you want to buy one to support our fundraiser?


  • Smile and keep it casual. You don't need to try to be a professional sales person. Real people sell the best.

  • Mention that there are more deals on that app that couldn't fit on the back of the card.

Online Post

Hi everyone! I am selling discount cards for [GROUP NAME]. We are raising money for [REASON]. These cards come with discounts around town and 1000s of discounts around the country.  It's a discount card that goes on your phone so you don't need to carry it around all year. You can see a list of our local deals and can also buy one from this link: [YOUR WEB LINK] 

If you're interested, comment "interested" or even if you're not you can still help by commenting on this post to help boost it on Facebook. Thank you!


  • Comments and likes on social media posts "boost" the post and help the algorithm show the post to more people.

Text Message

Hi [Grandma]! I am selling digital discount cards to raise money for [REASON]. If you buy one I can send you an Access Code so that you can unlock the app on your phone and use the discounts from the app. Do you want to buy a discount card?


  • If you send an Access Code from the back of one of your cards to someone you should mark that card as sold or throw it away. Each code is only valid one time.

  • Glass Card does have discounts all over the country, but discounts are not guaranteed everywhere. The app finds discounts on a local level so if someone from out of state buys one they will not see the same discounts as you and may not see any discounts at all. It's easier to try to sell locally.

Get Creative


A popular idea that sports teams do frequently is using their discount cards as sports passes.  You can sell these cards for $50 - $200 and it entitles card holders to enter all home games for free. Talk with your fundraiser representative about advertising your game schedule on the Glass Card app and creating a free game admission listing.


You can sell all of your cards without every leaving your school! Plan a time (after school, sports practice, etc.) when everyone sits down together for 30 - 60 minutes. This is when everyone can text their friends, family, and neighbors (using the provided pitch) asking them to buy their fundraiser card. Note, if a card is sold this way the seller can text back the access code from the back of one of the cards and then mark that card as sold and/or throw it away. The donor doesn't ever need the plastic card.


A sales blitz is a great way to sell out all of your cards in one night! This involves having some adult volunteers and all fundraising participants to drive together or meet at a neighborhood for everyone to sell in one big BLITZ! Buddies and groups can run and walk the neighborhood door to door while an adult volunteer drives a car nearby to supervise safety.


Consider setting up a booth at the entrance to school or sport events. You might also try at the entrances to local businesses, but be sure to ask for permission first.


List your discount card as an item to purchase at concession stands.


A raffle fundraiser is an event where people buy numbered raffle tickets to win prizes. The tickets are sold before the event, and at the end, a drawing is held to randomly select the winner. Raffles can be held in person or online. Use the reward of extra raffle tickets with each purchase of a discount card to entice more card sales.

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